Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) is a quickly growing and very interdisciplinary research field. Its application areas will have an impact not only economically, but also on the way we live and the kinds of relationships we may develop with machines. Due to its interdisciplinary nature different views and approaches towards HRI need to be nurtured. In order to help the field to develop, this symposium will encourage submissions in a variety of categories, thus giving this event a unique character. The symposium will consist of paper presentations, panels and, importantly, much time for open discussions which will distinguish this event from regular conferences and workshops in the field of HRI.

The first symposium on “New Frontiers in Human-Robot Interaction” was held as part of AISB 2009 in Edinburgh, Scotland; the second symposium was run in conjunction with AISB 2010 in Leicester, England; the third symposium took place during AISB 2014 at Goldsmiths, University of London, England; the fourth symposium was hosted by AISB 2015 in Kent, England. These four previously organized symposia were characterised by excellent presentations as well as extensive and constructive discussions of the research among the participants. Inspired by the great success of the preceding events and the rapidly evolving field of HRI, the continuation of the symposium series aims to provide a platform to present and discuss collaboratively recent findings and challenges in HRI.